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How to prevent Frame Skipping on IP Cameras

If you have a large number of cameras on a DVR or NVR, it is common that the user forgets to optimize the storage space inside. A hard drive has a certain amount of cache (usually 64MB) that can properly accept incoming data and write data to the platter inside. Exceeding that cache threshold will cause data loss, which in a security camera system manifests as lost video frames. These lost video frames are commonly referred to as Frame Skipping.

In high definition systems that consist of more than 8 cameras, it is common to experience frame skipping when video is being recorded continuously from all the cameras in a system. The problem is pronounced when using a large number of 2K or 4K security cameras which are bandwidth hungry.

To mitigate frame skipping it’s important to have:
1. Multiple Hard Drives in a NVR or DVR recorder
2. Assign 2-3 drives to a group depending on the number of hard drives you have
3. Split the cameras to each hard drive group so that the hard drive cache is not exceeded

When shopping for an NVR or DVR that has more than 8 cameras it is important to make sure that you buy multiple hard drives inside the recorder. If you plan to record continuously, that means each camera will be sending video to a hard drive every second simultaneously. You need to make sure you don’t have more than ten 4K cameras going to one hard drive or hard drive group.

The cameras also need to be assigned to separate HDD groups.

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Using security cameras for other purposes is not unheard

Using security cameras for other purposes is not unheard of and is becoming more popular. Over time more zoos, animal sanctuaries, and even individuals are looking to set up live streams over the Internet. Live streaming animals and birds can help spread information on conservation efforts, assist caregivers, educate and entertain children, and offer a way to view animals online from around the world.

Previously, the process of live streaming zoo cams, animal cams, and bird cams was difficult, involving many different steps and pieces of equipment. Fortunately there are cameras that come with built-in streaming features to push video to popular live stream platforms.

Live streaming has become a popular way for content creators to connect with their followers, as it feels more interactive and “real.” YouTube Live is currently one of the most popular platforms for live streaming, but Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitch (for gamers) are all commonly utilized as well.
Live streaming is the evolution of live TV. The online video industry showed viewers that they should be in control to watch what they want, when they want it.

One of the main reasons why live streaming is so important, for brands and individuals, is because of the level of interaction and engagement it offers. No other platform or marketing strategy allows for such level of interaction. Live streaming also has the highest rate of engagement of all content types.

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About IP Cameras

The word IP is short for Internet Protocol. These cameras use CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cables to get power and send its video feed. In addition, these cables are just like a computer cable connecting to the Internet. Therefore, these cables are easy to set up. IP cameras provide flexibility and effectiveness. They are typically the first option for security systems.

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are often referred to as Network Security Cameras. They are digital video cameras that work like analog security surveillance systems. For instance, an IP camera uses a web server and assigns an auto IP address to the camera. The web server enables the user to control, adjust settings, view images, and watch recorded videos. IP cameras must connect to the Internet and produce clear video depending on the resolution. When you use it with a network video recorder, it can record and store video footage.

The cameras come with a variety of features that let users record in high definition, adjust light levels, adjust settings remotely, and view recordings. With the right system, you can customize it from any location. Therefore, if you use HD resolution, you can capture HD video capture details like license plates or people’s faces. Motion detection can send you an email or text notification in case someone tried to tamper with your security camera systems. Other features include video compression, zooming, pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and night surveillance.

For commercial-grade security, there are many benefits to using IP security camera systems. They possess excellent zooming capabilities because of their advanced lenses and provide embedded video analytics through an NVR. This means they can highlight events based on facial recognition, motion detection, or the time a person has been there.

They can cover a wide area and are scalable, you can install as many cameras as you would like, and they are affordable because of the minimal wiring and maintenance requirements.

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Intrusion Security Cameras

Intrusion security cameras have been widely adopted by many businesses and homeowners because they are effective against thefts and burglars. Installing security camera systems is an important investment.

There is some speculation that intrusion security cameras are ineffective at deterring intruders. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your investment is effective.

An outdoor security camera is impossible for criminals to not notice. Studies have shown that criminals actively target homes and businesses with security cameras present. The cameras detect the slightest movement.

Once the cameras detect movement, it can immediately sound an alarm that can send intruders running. The security cameras can be programmed with recorded voice commands as well.

These cameras will also record video that can be used as invaluable evidence. The security cameras can begin recording the moment their sensors are triggered. They should be placed in entrances and exits around a building.

Intrusion security cameras have a number of applications that can help deter crime and differ from traditional ones. They can go a step further. For criminals not as easily deterred, intrusion surveillance offers a second layer of deterrence. An intruder may try to slip past a security camera or may obscure their face. An intrusion security system can still detect the movement they produce down to the slightest twitch. Once movement is detected, the camera immediately alerts users.

They can also act as an access control; when security cameras of this type have their sensors triggered, individuals inside the premises can then quickly determine whether to allow the person in.

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How Can Security Cameras Provide Peace Of Mind?

Everyone is familiar with seeing security cameras in places like retail stores. Commercial surveillance camera systems provide users with countless benefits, including asset protection, enhanced security, theft deterrence, and loss reduction.

While most of the commercial surveillance camera uses listed above are fairly well known, there are other lesser-known applications that more and more people are beginning to discover.

Security cameras can record cash transactions at registers, monitor remote areas of a property for safety reasons, achieve employee monitoring for accountability purposes, and record visitors coming or leaving a parking area for enhanced safety.

Security camera footage is widely used to help with criminal situations as well as liability complaints. These include everything from sexual harassment and burglary attempts to deterring vandals, asset retrieval, identification, and many more.

Sometimes video surveillance recordings are also used to help prove someone’s innocence. Having video footage of someone’s whereabouts while they are on your property can be invaluable in the event someone becomes falsely accused of a criminal act they did not actually commit.

For these reasons, there are specific locations that are highly recommended to have commercial security cameras installed. These generally include parking areas, cash registers, loading docks, entries, and exits, among others.

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Fraud is one of the most common ways that businesses lose money

It’s estimated that companies lose 5% of revenue each year to fraud. If you suspect fraud has occurred at your organization, take these immediate action steps:

1. Safeguard potential evidence. Preservation of evidence is key. Secure any and all potential evidence — but by all means, avoid the temptation to examine the evidence on your own. Electronic evidence is fragile and easily altered. Did you know that simply turning a computer off or on can alter potential evidence? Secure computers, mobiles, and external electronic media sources such as thumb drives. Maintaining the evidence will help your forensic accounting team identify what occurred, who committed the fraud and why.

2. Gather a team. Enlist a forensic accountant and computer forensic specialist to help you collect, analyse and store the data. It would be wise to hire an outside financial investigator who is familiar with and experienced in fraud investigations — using an in-house accountant is not appropriate, as they are not as objective as an outside source. In fact, someone on the accounting team may be part of the problem. Retain an employment lawyer to ensure you stay on the right side of the law regarding the rights of the suspected employee.

3. Deal with the suspected employee. Don’t fire the suspected employee immediately — it could make gathering evidence much more difficult. Instead, restrict their access to company data. Do not let them remove their computer or any other company items and documents from their office.

4. Notify your insurance provider. A crucial fact for employers to know is that you must notify your insurance provider within 30 to 60 days, depending on your policy. Failure to do so could cause a loss of coverage.

5. File proof of loss. You will need to document any losses with your insurance provider in a specified time frame. Documenting a claim with an insurance provider takes time to ensure it is properly recorded. It is possible to file an extension should you need one, but be sure not to miss any deadlines or you risk forfeiting coverage.

While you can’t prevent every instance of fraud from happening to your business, you can take precautions to minimise fraudulent activity. To prevent employee fraud and embezzlement conduct background checks on all new employees, particularly those who have financial responsibilities.
Keep financial duties separate, so no one person has control of all financial decisions. Don’t give up your financial responsibilities to any one employee.

Also, let employees know you are watching!!

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Security Considerations For Commercial Premises

Modern security equipment has never been easier to implement or as affordable as they are today. Safety and security are a major responsibility for any successful commercial property manager or management company.

Although you could rely on expensive security guards, surveillance security equipment is much more effective. Security surveillance equipment can include a large number of products and components. Initially, it may feel overwhelming browsing through all the options.

Choosing the right equipment is essential for building a proactive security system to protect assets and people. It can also keep you from purchasing unnecessary equipment and spending additional money.

Security Cameras And Image Quality
Perhaps the most essential component of a proactive security system are the security cameras that make up the system. The major factor to consider when choosing a security camera is the image quality it can produce.

Image quality is essential for capturing important details during a crime. The images produced by the security camera should be crisp and clear in order for the police to determine important details about a break-in or robbery.

High-resolution images can also make filing insurance claims easier by providing important details about the incident. You should always choose security cameras that come with higher resolution and a good frame rate.

Surveillance Camera Placement
Where the security cameras are placed is another important factor when choosing security equipment for a commercial property. A single properly placed security camera can save you money on purchasing additional cameras.
A strategically positioned security camera can monitor a large area. Security surveillance cameras can be positioned at different angles to achieve the maximum field-of-view.

Mode Of Connection
One of the most important aspects of security cameras to consider is the mode of connection. Specifically, whether the camera will make use of cables or a wireless connection.
Whether you should purchase wired or wireless security cameras is dependent on your security needs. Wired security cameras are generally recommended for commercial properties while wireless cameras can benefit smaller properties like homes.

Video Management Security Equipment
An important factor when purchasing security equipment for a commercial property will include the video management system. The video management system can be considered the heart of a security camera system.
These systems are responsible for receiving, storing, and accessing videos produced by the security cameras. There are two options you can choose from when it comes to video management systems.
These include a DVR (digital video recorder) or an NVR (network video recorder). The best video management system for your property will be dependant on the type of security cameras used. For example, a DVR is not generally used to store footage from IP cameras due to its limitations while an NVR is designed to do so.

Remote Video Monitoring
Just as many of our everyday items have become more interconnected so has modern security equipment. Some security camera systems allow for users to access the video signal of their security cameras through the internet. This has added a number of benefits and applications that commercial and residential properties can enjoy.

In many cases, access to the video feeds from your security cameras can be done through an app on your phone. Remote video monitoring can be conducted by an experienced security company. The digital security guards monitor a property’s security system from an off-site facility. They can perform a number of services and are much more affordable than physical guards.

Prevent Employee Theft
Unfortunately, one of the biggest sources of theft for a commercial property comes from employees. Not every employee will be honest and some may try to exploit their position or access. Even if they do not directly steal assets or money, they can steal time. Installing security equipment that includes security cameras can keep employees accountable.

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4 Useful Features To Consider For Home Security

Every home comes with a few basic security features. A deadbolt on the door, latches on the windows, smoke detectors, and so on. But, technology has moved on and tech-savvy consumers can choose to upgrade their security with integrated systems, security alarms, and surveillance cameras. Some of these features can be very helpful when it comes to your security and safety, so consider getting these features when the time comes to upgrade.

1. Surveillance Cameras
A camera or two on the outside of your home can be a good deterrent against burglars and home invaders. Burglars tend to be very nervous when they’re breaking into a home, including the professionals, and so the danger of having their faces recorded is enough to keep some from targeting your house even if it’s otherwise a tempting target. Many homeowners are buying doorbell cameras that activate when someone rings the bell, but your best bet for deterrence is a visible camera at a corner that can watch the front walk.

2. Disaster Detection
Security systems can watch for more than just intruders. You can connect a variety of sensors to an integrated system and monitor things like cellar flooding, carbon monoxide, and smoke. If you have active monitoring set up you can be called directly to warn you about dangers your sensors pick up even if you can’t hear them or you aren’t at home. The company can then contact the authorities and have them send fire engines, ambulances, police, and anything else the disaster demands.

3. Electronic Locks
A basic deadbolt will stop someone who tries to open your door, but it won’t stop someone with a crowbar, a strong shoulder, or a set of lock-picking tools. An electronic lock can stop more determined intruders by using a smarter locking mechanism and by giving you an opportunity to anchor the lock in the door and the frame with stronger and longer screws. An electronic lock can also be more convenient since you only need to carry around a combination or a thumbprint instead of keeping track of your keys and choosing whom you can trust them with.

4. Home Automation
A home security system can serve as the backbone of your home automation. That means it can connect to whichever voice-command system and speakers you choose to install, and it can connect to smart appliances like an oven you can set from your phone, a programmable thermostat, and smart lights you can program to follow a pattern while you’re away.

Best of all, a security system with home automation will come automatically with cyber security protections.

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Choosing Office Security Systems

It can initially be difficult to choose office security systems without the proper information. The security and surveillance industry continues to innovate and keeping up to date with these new developments and advancements can be a challenge.

All successful businesses, however, recognise the importance of maintaining safety and security around and in their property. Business office settings have their own unique security challenges that must be taken into account.

Choosing between the different devices and options is one of the most important decisions when designing a robust security system. Understanding what options are available will help you choose the best products for monitoring your office.

Every setting is unique and an office is no different. Before choosing any products you should have a clear understanding of the security needs of your business. Identify how your office is vulnerable based on previous experiences and consulting with employees. It is also recommended that you consult with a security expert to perform a walkthrough of the property.

Determine the number of cameras needed and consider the office layout, entrances and exits, and off-limit areas. The placement of security cameras can also influence how many security cameras you will need.

A strategic location may help monitor a very large area and be very cost effective.

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Investing in a Modern Security Surveillance System

Purchasing a modern surveillance security system is a significant investment that should not be taken lightly. While it is true that the right security camera system provides users of all kinds with a variety of benefits, there are still many variables that should be considered in order to make the most out of your purchase.

It’s important to make sure that the system will serve its purpose efficiently and deliver a reliable return on investment. In order to ensure this happens, it’s recommended to make a list of the different objectives that you are hoping to achieve:

Some of the most common objectives will include:
1. Reducing both internal and external theft
2. Reducing or eliminating potential asset and property vandalism threats
3. Capturing video evidence for workers’ compensation cases and safety issues
4. Record and monitor day-to-day operations in an office, campus, commercial, or residential setting
5. Monitoring employees to increase accountability and overall productivity

Then you need to determine your budget that will be heavily linked to what the security surveillance system will do for your property and your money. A few examples of items that provide a return on investment include lowering insurance costs, reducing false injury claims, and reducing inventory shrinkage.

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