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All property developers need to ensure that their investments are protected against thieves and vandals while the work is being undertaken. There are a number of different products that can provide protection.

If your business is focused on renovation or on building new homes you’re inherently more vulnerable, since all of the physical barriers that normally deter thieves such as walls and doors aren’t there!

For operators of large construction sites, these problems can be addressed by concentrating technologies in a single place, and by maintaining a large team of security staff to keep a constant watch.

For property developers, however, this approach might not be practical. If you are not running one large construction project, but several hundred smaller ones, then it can be impossible to effectively safeguard them all using the same approach. A leaner, more mobile solution is called for.

CCTV can prevent break-ins before they occur, and to collect evidence about wrongdoing in real time. A wireless solution is preferable as there’s no infrastructure that can be easily tampered with. Business owners are then able to view security footage remotely via their phone, tablet or desktop machine.

The systems can then be integrated with wireless alarm systems – ensuring that your sites have the best possible protection.

The key advantage of an approach such as this one is flexibility. If you are running several different sites at various stages of completion, then the ability to easily migrate a security solution from one site to another (without dealing with costly wiring and installation problems) is invaluable.

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All property developers need to ensure that their investments are protected