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Although I now specialise in providing security systems for high-value residential properties and new developments I originally started in the business designing systems for yachts, superyachts, and their very important owners.

Piracy, paparazzi, theft, kidnappings and other dangers on the high seas have led many of the wealthy to come looking for safety and privacy on board their floating palaces.

Individuals are taking their yachts to ever more dangerous and far-flung places, from remote islands in the Pacific to the chilly waters of the Arctic. Developments in technology, including improved satellite communications, allow them to go further and for longer while remaining connected.

This new breed of adventurer will not compromise on security. Defence and security accounts for as much as a quarter of the construction cost of a superyacht and 30 per cent of daily running costs. Keeping the world’s rich and famous safe on the high seas has become a billion-dollar industry.

A number of technologies and security measures can be deployed to protect a superyacht from unwanted intruders:

An ARMED SECURITY TEAM may be necessary for particularly dangerous routes, although this comes with its own set of hassles.

A LONG RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICE is a non-lethal option to ward off attackers with a deafening noise.

INFRARED IMAGING of the yacht and surrounding water can be used to spot threats during the night.

BULLET-PROOF and tinted windows are common sense for peace of mind when it comes to privacy and security.

QUICKLY AND EASILY DEPLOYED SUBMERSIBLES may be used as escape-pods if an evacuation is needed.

A yacht’s CITADEL is a FORTIFIED PANIC ROOM within the boat with satellite access to the outside world, often a last resort in the event of boarding.

HIGH-RESOLUTION CCTV CAMERAS on deck and below the water are essential for monitoring potential threats during the day.

RADAR, SONAR, AND SATELLITE IMAGERY can be combined to produce a detailed picture of the vicinity of the intruder’s vessel.

These evolving threats have compelled yacht owners to install cutting-edge technology. On land most of these threats are increasing – I’d be delighted to have a chat with you about it.



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I originally started in the business designing systems for yachts, superyachts, and their very important owners