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When deciding on the type of access control system suitable to your security needs, the overall size of the property will be an important factor. Additionally, in business offices, there are many locations with varying levels of access to consider first before designing an access control system.

Mapping out who should have access to particular areas of the business will help with determining things like how many zones will be required and how complex the system should be. Generally, there are specified areas that require higher security levels and tighter access control.

Designated areas like data centres, safes, or other locations with sensitive documents or information should have restricted entry for most people. Doing so ensures that sensitive information is not accessible to those unauthorised to do so.

Having different levels of access is usually determined and controlled by entries in a centralised database. Access to the database should be limited to only the administrators or personnel responsible for managing the system.
Minimising access to the database provides tighter security for the entire overall system. Since the database is integral to the control of the system, administrative functionality should only be granted to a select few.

If you’d like some advice when selecting from the myriad of access control devices available today, please contact us and we talk you through your options.

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